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Mindy Sanderson

A little about me

As I mentioned earlier, my parents are Joan & Ed and owned

Joan & Ed’s Deli in Natick, MA. The restaurant opened in 1977 and was run by my parents for 33 years until the closing on June 20, 2010

To give you a little background: the deli business has been a Sanderson family tradition as far back as 1922 when Sanderson’s Creamery opened on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester. My great- grandfather, Morris Sanderson, teamed up with other creamery owners to buy cream cheese and pickles in bulk which eventually turned into a coop called National D Stores. First National Stores bought the coop during the Great Depression and the Sanderson family was out of the business….that is until Joan & Ed!

Joan & Ed met in the 60’s while living in Brookline. Shortly after they were married in 1965, Ed was sent off to Vietnam with the Screaming Eagles – the 101st Airborne Infantry Division. When he returned, being a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he worked in various kitchens in the Boston area and owned a small fish market in Davis Square.

After several years of working for others, Joan remembers the day that Ed came home and told her that he wanted to open up their own restaurant. After Joan fainted from the shock, she agreed and recalls saying “OK… if you think we can really do this!”

In 1977, this deli tradition was proudly continued and Joan & Ed opened their own deli in Shoppers World in Framingham, MA simply called “The Deli.” When the mall was torn down in 1994, the restaurant moved over to Sherwood Plaza in Natick changing its name to Joan & Ed’s Deli (which is how customers were already referring to the restaurant).

The location had changed, but the tradition remains the same…a family restaurant with all the old-time deli favorites. At Joan & Ed’s, family and friends could meet and enjoy the same type of old-fashioned non-gourmet cooking that has been savored for generations.

Over the years, Joan & Ed’s Deli had truly become a family restaurant. I had worked in the restaurant since the day we opened and continued up until the day we closed. Many of the staff had worked there for 15 – 25 years! After all those years, these people were not just employees, they were family! Many customers continued to come in as they grew up, got married, and had children of their own. This is one of the things that Joan will always remember fondly and miss…being a part of all these people’s lives for so many years.

On June 10, 2010, it was announced that Joan & Ed’s Deli would be closing its doors on June 20, 2010. After 33 years in business, due to the economy, local competition and many other contributing factors the restaurant could not survive any longer.

As sad as this was; the support and outreach of the community was overwhelming! During the weeks, the number of people who made an effort to come and say goodbye was mind-boggling and emotional. It was a wonderful tribute to my parents, the restaurant and the community.

People wanted a piece of Joan & Ed’s to take home with them…literally! Every single picture off the wall was purchased! Many even asked my parents to sign them for keepsakes. Mugs, cups, t-shirts (even used ones) were also bought.

We were lucky to have some wonderful press. Two wonderful pieces from WBZ Channel 4 and NECN are above, but you can see the rest on our website.

Thank you to all the families, staff and community for making Joan & Ed’s such a wonderful place over the years. You will all truly be missed.

Joan & Ed's Deli closes

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